Looking for a Bollywood dance class in Bolton or Manchester? You’ve come to the right place as at North West Asian Arts we have our professional Bollywood dance teacher Manisha Solanki.

This type of dance although fun can be demanding and requires Stamina and Strength to perform. It is a lot more relaxed than most dance styles and allows freedom of movement. The Bollywood inspired music is a joy to dance to and the students learn the many different styles of Indian Dance from the more traditional folk dance to the more modern funky stylings of recent years. Bollywood Dance has become a sort of craze in the last few years with a mix of East meets West, you will find hard not to come and dance along with us every Saturday morning.  We are currently running classes during term time for children and adults of all ages. Students get to showcase their talents in the North West Asian Arts Showcase every year with many other opportunities to perform in and around Greater Manchester.

Feel free to enquire via our contact form.

So come and join us, we look forward to seeing you come and strut your stuff!