At North West Asian Arts, we are proud to have Tabla as part of our list of Indian arts we teach. Tabla is a modern Indian percussion instrument which has been bought to us by an evolution of drums and now is one of the most popular instruments in South Asia and is becoming more popular around the world.

Since the organisation started over 16 years ago, Tabla has featured as one of our main subjects and we were privileged to have the young Tabla maestro, Shahbaz Hussain as our teacher. Over the years both Shahbaz Hussain and North West Asian Arts have grown in stature and we’ve started our next generation of home grown Tabla teachers.

Tabla is for everyone, whether you want to enjoy the sounds, to learning a basic Taal, to playing at the temple, to performing at the Royal Albert Hall, North West Asian Arts can cater to teach of these levels.

Benefits of Learning Tabla

There are many benefits of learning tabla! Listed below are just a few benefits that would be gained from learning this instrument:

  • Memory  – Develops and improves your memory as there is a vast amount of material to learn.
  • Discipline and focus – To discipline the brain by focusing on one thing for a set time and trying not to go off course
  • Mathematics – Seeing patterns in the different kaidas (compositions) really works your brain and improves intelligence.
  • Develop a good sense of rhythm – The ability to maintain speed and keep in beat
  • Expression – enables the ability to express yourself through music
  • Relaxation – Playing tabla provides a form of releasing stress – escaping in a kaida for example – you concentrate so hard on reciting a composition – it really clears your mind of thoughts
  • Stamina – Great exercise for the upper body as it builds stamina

When learning with North West Asian Arts, you will have an opportunity to perform at our annual event as well as many other local and regional events to help provide you with important performing experience. You may perform solo or as part of a group. You can also be accompanied by other musicians on instruments such as the Harmonium or you may accompany other musicians or vocalists. All of which provide the foundations of becoming an accomplished artist.

All classes run during School Term Times so why not come along and try a class and see how good you feel after. Checkout our timetable for more details.